When we heard the word earwax, it sounds dirty but in fact earwax serves as lubricants to the ear canal, prevents dust, bacteria and other particles that may cause damage to the ear canal and the eardrum. It is a yellowish or brownish substance that was produced by the by glands in the outer canal.


A normal earwax will just finds its way out naturally. Therefore, if you can experience loss of hearing ad when the ear is plugged, it is possible that you have an ear impaction. In medical terms, the impacted earwax is known as cerumen impaction. Children are more prone to impacted earwax. However, ear impaction can happen to anyone but the ears of the children are narrow that they can easily feel the discomfort having it. When impacted earwax is hardened, it can cause loss of hearing, discomfort, ear pain and ringing in the air.


Both children and adults who produce excessive earwax is prone to impacted earwax because it accumulates, build up and hardens and will block the ear canal completely. People who wear ear plugs and hearing aids are more prone to impacted earwax.

There are signs of impacted earwax especially to children. We can identify it to children when they will experience trouble in hearing, tugging of the ears, and also ear pains. Hence, we can just place a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil to loosen the earwax. Let the child lie in one position so that the impacted earwax will flow out naturally when it is already softened. When the earwax will not go out after that remedy, it is a must to seek a medical advice from the expert professionals to that they can use tools to flush it out.

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To prevent impacted earwax, please don’t insert any sharp objects in the ears to get the earwax. It is also important to dry our ears after we go swimming or even a shower to prevent impacted earwax. The outside ear should be clean by a clean cloth. We should be careful in cleaning our ears. Sometimes, our good intention of cleaning

it can cause damage to our ear canal and eardrum. If the person is already prone to repeated earwax impaction, seeing the doctor every 6-12 months for routine preventive cleaning is advised. According to studies, there is really no proven ways to prevent earwax impaction but by stopping the use of cotton swabs and other sharp objects, it can help to lessen earwax by not pushing it deeper to the ear canal.

When we already try the home remedies for softening the earwax and still nothing happens, seeing the doctor is a big help for they have the tools to be used and correct remedy to remove impacted earwax. Let’s not take for granted our ears, which is the organ for hearing because it is very important. It is very difficult if we lose our hearing. Therefore, proper care of our ears as well as proper cleaning should be observed in order for us not to risk our ability to hear.

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